Achievement and Success


We all learned from very young the measure of success and what we need to achieve that success. The ideas/beliefs we picked up from our experiences and messages from society, parents, teachers and piers, limit children from achieving the potential inside each of them. Those limitations follow each of them throughout their lives.

It is the collection of our experiences, opportunities and failures that create the belief systems we operate on all of our lives. Most children are taught academic achievement will give them the success they of course want in their adult life. There is a lot more to success than getting into the right (top) university, securing a well paid career in a good (big multi-national) company, where they can strive for the top position. Life is not all about academic knowledge, money and work will not give them the self-esteem they need to be happy.

Being able to create a good relationship with self and others is the foundation to feeling good from the inside out.

Natural curiosity is something that cannot be learned or tested, it comes from within and given the opportunity to explore what grabs their attention children will learn from their experiences.

We all have many ways of being creative, children do not need much encouragement to discover their own creativity and express it.

Being aware of and nurturing nature is again natural to children however unless they are given the experience of exploring nature in all it’s forms how can they understand and take care of their own and their children’s future?

Making a positive relationship with yourself is essential before you can make positive relationships with others. Therefore real success in your life is having a positive belief in yourself.

Learn to be yourself, remember everyone else has already been taken!

Let go of other peoples opinion of you, their opinion is none of your business!

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My name is Gill Matthews and I am a qualified and experienced professional therapist, having been in full-time practice for 29 years. I belong to recognised professional organisations and can offer a high level of expertise to help with all aspects of the mind-body connection.