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At this time of the year students of all ages are about to start a new year of study.  This is very exciting but for many the stress of studying and the inevitable exams feels less exciting and more like dread.  Many students, of all ages, feel under pressure to ‘succeed’ and this pressure can come from schools, Colleges and Universities who are themselves under pressure to perform.  Also parents who want the best for their kids yet find them poleaxed by fear and dread of learning, let alone the exam itself.   However, most of the pressure comes from the student themselves and the lack of belief that they are good enough.  Sadly if they believe they are not good enough they will never allow themselves to reach their full potential.

fishReaching our full potential is not about being in competition with anyone else.  No one is any more or any less than another.  We are all able in different ways and learn in different ways, it is a matter of each of us finding our own unique way and being the best we can be, for ourselves.

There has been a 200% increase in the need for counselling for exam stress, with 87,500 visits to the Childline website on this subject. (Daily Echo 30th May 2015).  It costs schools and colleges £480 for each student to re-take key subject exams, therefore it would be beneficial to both students and schools if students were calm and happy when studying and sitting exams.

‘Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.’

Oprah Winfrey

There are many techniques and methods to overcome these stressors and make learning more enjoyable.  Helping increase a child’s self-belief, reduce their stress, teach mindful relaxation, concentration, study motivation and memory recall techniques go a long way toward this.  Along with the dreaded exam nerves, these are just a few of the aspects of the work I do with students, either 1:1 privately or small groups in schools and colleges.  I have 29 years expertise in helping people to believe in themselves and begin to change self-limiting negative thinking patterns.  Neuroscience has now proven this is possible, it is called Neuroplasticity.  The creation of new neuro-pathways in itself creates changes in behaviour and response.  Hey presto, change is born!

Change is not as hard as you would imagine,  we are constantly changing.   If you feel you could benefit from changing any negative feelings you experience when studying, sitting exams or any other area of your life, contact me and I will show you how easy change can be.  This obviously applies to students of all ages!


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My name is Gill Matthews and I am a qualified and experienced professional therapist, having been in full-time practice for 29 years. I belong to recognised professional organisations and can offer a high level of expertise to help with all aspects of the mind-body connection.