stress-pastel-penci-being-smashed-paper-great-force-writing-word-31469469Stress … Anxiety … Depression

Fight … Flight … Freeze

Most of the time we are in fight mode, we feel the fear and do it anyway, we have eustress (good stress).   This is the stress that makes us get up in the morning and go to work  or the gym.  Eustress is beneficial to us, a positive challenge that makes us feel good about ourselves, rather than a negative threat to our survival.  

However what happens when the fight has used up too much energy and we cannot see fight as a positive challenge anymore?

Negative stress eventually shifts us into flight mode, flight means we run away from the problem. Running causes our breathing to become shallow and fast, our hearts beat faster and we perspire, these are the same physical reactions that we have when we are anxious and have panic attacks. 

After extended periods of fight and flight we just want to curl up and hide away, freeze!! Freeze means we do not want to move or take an interest in the world outside of our hiding place, these are the first symptoms of what is now known as depression.

To avoid flight and freeze we need to understand our negative beliefs and move back to eustress.  Our mind and body can now read the situations we face in a positive light.